The secrets of trust, communication and culture that enable Seven Star Hospitality

Where the yard builds the yacht we build the team

Only great teamwork will achieve great results

Why you should use our 360° solution

Provide the best Experience on Earth

UHNWI Hospitality is all about the perfect guest experience. Setting this up requires a full circle approach that encapsulates both technical knowledge and leadership skills. 

A highly trained team, even experts in their field, will not deliver if they are unmotivated or simply do not get along.

We deliver the knowledge required to execute the job. More importantly, we facilitate the trust that enables the crew to act upon this knowledge.

Assessment of the situation to define required knowledge and culture

Create a structure to keep the inspiring work environment on track

Great Hospitality in four steps

Train and develop the team, including a healthy and effective leadership culture

Introduce Mind app for continuous monitoring of crew happiness and motivation

We are the ones that exceed expectations

Access the flyer to find out how we do this. In it you will learn more specifics on our 360° solution. 

Seven Star Hospitality

We can help you deliver

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