Luxury Hospitality training and leadership programmes designed for you

Grow as a professional

Imagine how your team could function if everyone in it performs as the best version of themselves. At LH, our goal is to help you achieve just that. 

Through our LH Academy luxury hospitality training, we help you and your team grow by focussing on your strengths while making you aware of your challenges. In doing so, we help create high-performing teams working onboard yachts and cruise liners, at luxury estates and boutique hotels, and in other service positions onshore.

With years of experience in high-end hospitality and luxury hospitality training, our expert trainers aim to skyrocket your level of luxury service to create unique memories for your guests and clients. We will accompany you on every step of your development journey, so you always learn from the best in the field.

Discover yourself, learn how to develop your team and refine your leadership skills.

LH Leadership Retreats

Unleash your leadership potential at our exclusive retreat. Join like-minded professionals for a transformative 4-day experience and elevate your leadership skills against the picturesque backdrop of Amsterdam’s inspiring culture. There are only 10 spots available, so make sure to book your place now.

A deeper understanding of the role of a yacht owner representative.

Yacht Owner Representative programme

The Yacht Owner Representative Programme includes the full range of learning required to meet the occupational competencies and responsibilities that qualify for the role of a Yacht Owner Representative. YORP is a tailored 4-course programme with specific learning outcomes, developed exclusively for SYBAss and is accredited by IAMI GUEST. LH runs the first mandatory programme.