Inspiring excellence in service by developing caring hospitality professionals.About us

About us

Hospitality is about delivering the perfect guest experience.

To achieve that, it is essential to develop caring hospitality service professionals.

At Luxury Hospitality, we are committed to inspiring and training upcoming and established hospitality professionals to deliver 7-star guest experiences.

As leading experts in our field of luxury hospitality, we have trained and acted as consultants to crew onboard superyachts and high-end cruises as well as staff working in boutique hotels and luxury estates.

Our vision

Inspiring excellence in service by developing caring hospitality professionals.

Our mission

We are passionate about training and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

Our history

For more than 25 years, we have trained staff and managers working in luxury hospitality around the world. We coach and mentor individuals and entire service departments via our unique ‘360-degree’ approach designed to unleash an individual’s true talent and potential.

Our experienced trainers work with individuals and whole teams at either our training location near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, or onsite around the world.

Our values


Luxury Hospitality and Crew-Glue

Smaller teams often come with a different team culture than those onboard larger yachts. That’s not to say they’re better, just different. This is why Crew-Glue is focused on working with crew onboard yachts of up to 60m because it’s where we can have the greatest impact.

Crew-Glue can also work with specific departments onboard larger yachts, for example interior or deck crew, while LH will focus on 60m+ and entire yacht crews.

By collaborating with Crew-Glue in this way, we are able to tap into their expertise in team building and personal development and reach an even greater number of crew across the industry.

Luxury Hospitality and ACREW+

ACREW+, launched by ACREW, is a solution to improve crew longevity and comprises of 4 key initial components CrewTalent, CrewMatch, CrewSkills and FutureCrew. The components CrewTalent, CrewMatch and FutureCrew are powered by Luxury Hospitality.