About us

Our mission and purpose

Empowering people, teams, and organisations to perform at their best and deliver meaningful service experiences through bespoke training and leadership courses.

Our values

Caring – We care about people
Passion -We are passionate and love what we do
Insight – We believe in self discovery
Inspiration – We inspire people to continue to grow
Development – We stimulate personal and professional development

Our vision

Inspire people through development so they can make a difference.

About LH

What drives us?

At Luxury Hospitality, we are committed to inspiring and training upcoming and established hospitality professionals to deliver 7-star guest experiences.

For more than 10 years, we have trained staff and managers working in luxury hospitality around the world. We coach and mentor individuals and entire service departments via our unique full circle approach designed to unleash an individual’s true talent and potential.

Our team of highly experienced (freelance) trainers work worldwide with individuals and teams, either onsite or at one of our 6 training locations in Europe.

About our founder

Peter Vogel

At the heart of LH is Peter Vogel’s approach and his desire to empower everyone to become the best version of themselves. This was nurtured during more than a decade working for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who taught him, above all else, the value of respect.

To create better service experiences for owners and guests, Peter strongly believes in the value of inspiring a service mindset and enabling people to excel and grow throughout their employment.

Throughout his career, he has continued to see the positive impact that this mindset has on individuals, teams, and organisations.

“When you transform people individually, you begin to transform your team or organisation as a whole.”

Meet our team
Luxury Hospitality | Peter Vogel
Peter Vogel

Peter and 7-star hospitality are one and the same. His knowledge and experience is acclaimed throughout the global luxury hospitality industry.

Luxury Hospitality | Erik Smit
Erik Smit
Partner & Business development

At a young age, Erik knew that hospitality would be his industry of choice. He now shares his 20+ years of experience as a trainer and consultant.

Luxury Hospitality | About us | Ceri McVittie
Ceri McVittie
Head of LH Academy

Ceri perfectly understands human behaviour. Armed with tertiary qualifications in Psychology and qualified in the use of Psychometrics, Ceri comprehends

Luxury Hospitality | Martin Mainey
Martin Mainey
Head of Insight and Leadership

Skilled in leadership, coaching and team building, Martin supports people to be their best.

Luxury Hospitality | Julia Rogers
Julia Rogers
LH Dynamics Insight specialist

Julia is a gifted communicator and is well-versed in working with wealthy, private individuals.

Luxury Hospitality | Lynne Edwards
Lynne Edwards
LH Dynamics Insight and Hospitality specialist

Lynne brings 40 years of experience in hospitality and training to her role as LH Dynamics Insight and Hospitality specialist

Luxury Hospitality | About us | Julia Frank
Julia Frank
Leadership specialist

Travelling, people and change has always been a passion, and this is why Julia decided to study psychology and become a transformational coach.

Jono Oswin
Leadership specialist

Jono has worked as a trainer and facilitator across the UK, Europe and the Middle East since 2006. He is passionate about transforming performance

Jeroen Bosman
Leadership specialist

As an experienced hospitality manager and entrepreneur, Jeroen has over 25 years of international hospitality experience…

Luxury Hospitality | About us | Daniele Perchiazzi
Daniele Perchiazzi
Leadership specialist

Daniele is a corporate trainer and executive coach with British and Italian heritage. Having worked across four continents and 20 different countries while being fluent in three languages, he brings a wealth of worldwide people development knowledge. 

Luxury Hospitality | About us | Helen Loveday
Helen Loveday
Leadership specialist

Through her own consulting and coaching business, The People Development Specialists, Helen has accrued over 25 years’…

Luxury Hospitality | Rob Rademaker
Rob Rademaker
Hospitality specialist

Rob’s impressive credentials and awards in the food and beverage industry makes him our standout specialist trainer in beverages.

Luxury Hospitality | Ewout Ahling
Ewout Ahling
Hospitality specialist

Ewout studied architecture at university, however, after he started working in his first hospitality role – he was hooked!

Luxury Hospitality | About us | Paul Bridge
Paul Bridge
Hospitality specialist

Paul is a certified WSET Wine Educator and has a strong background in beverage consultancy. He’s also a qualified Practitioner in Executive Coaching accredited by the AC, EMCC and ICF.

Luxury Hospitality | About us | Jeanette van 't Hart
Jeanette van ‘t Hart
Hospitality specialist

With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Jeannette has incredible insight and an eye for detail within the international hospitality industry….

Luxury Hospitality | Kate Thompson
Kate Thompson
Project Manager

Kate’s impressive career as a superyacht crew member began in 2003 on board a 24-metre yacht.

Jill Sullivan
Project Manager

The majority of Jill’s fascinating career was dedicated to working for the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, and his family company, Vulcan….

Danella Hopkins | About us | Luxury Hospitality
Danella Hopkins
Project Manager

Danella originally trained as a beauty therapist before her first stint at sea working onboard cruise ships. She first met……

Luxury Hospitality | Solveig Young
Solveig Yong
Project Manager

Solveig began her yachting career, back in 2010, as a service stewardess onboard

Lilian van Leeuwen | About us | Luxury Hospitality
Lilian van Leeuwen

With her caring attitude and 25+ years of experience, Lilian supports the entire Luxury Hospitality team from the back office.