Top 7 tips for navigating greener yachting operations

13 September 2023 our blog

Written by: Gemma Harris Unsurprisingly, ‘green’ has been edging up the yachting agenda for some time now. Our global issues have been intensifying, and lowering our impact on our planet is more important than ever. Undoubtedly, making change is hard. Still, small daily acts can lead to bigger behavioural shifts throughout the industry. Here are some … Continue reading

Captains & Crew: Fostering Teamwork Onboard

29 September 2022 our blog

Written by: Lynne Edwards The early years of Captain Kelly J. Gordon and Captain Brendan O’Shannassy differ quite dramatically. While Kelly grew up on a farm in small town Indiana, far away from water, Captain Brendan messed about with boats as a boy, in an Australian coastal town. However, both grew up to embrace uncertainty … Continue reading

What is luxury hospitality?

24 August 2022 our blog

Written by: Renata Balla What is luxury hospitality? From gilded rooms to sprawling, expansive swimming pools, caviar and the finest delicacies served with world-class silver service, a variety of images may spring to your mind. Transfer this term to super yachts and we venture into a world that includes even more exceptional additions –  missile … Continue reading

5 reasons why the best hospitality training for you starts with knowing yourself

1 June 2022 our blog

Written by: Julia Rogers 5 reasons why the best hospitality training for you starts with knowing yourself From carrying plates with aplomb to creating a perfectly balanced cocktail and delivering silver service in style, there are many technical skills that need to be mastered to ensure your guests receive exceptional service. Granted, these are all … Continue reading