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Cigar Services

Our Cigar Services course is a very hands-on, practical training experience to engage your service mindset and increase your confidence, finesse and expertise when handling cigars.

We have designed this course specifically for professionals who work in the luxury industry. The comprehensive and intensive training days will ensure all of your questions are answered, from the history of tobacco to choosing the best cigar brands for your guests. 

We cover many different topics as part of our training:

  • history of tobacco cultivation
  • tobacco/cigar producing countries
  • the growing/harvesting/curing processes
  • anatomy of the plant and what leaves are used for
  • blending of different leaves
  • the rolling process
  • different sizes and shapes
  • cutting and lighting
  • tasting and finding different flavours 
  • ageing cigars
  • how to store/present cigars
  • top Cuban brands (Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas)
  • top Nicaraguan brands (Padron, Oliva, My Father)
  • top brands from the Dominican Republic (Fuente, Davidoff).