Who is this course for?

Anyone who has responsibility for leading people or who has a desire for personal growth and development. Coaching can be requested or individuals can be referred by line managers.

Learning outcomes

  1. To create a personal develop plan in collaboration with line manager
  2. To map out the key skills and capabilities that the individuals need to develop to be more successful in their roles
  3. To coach, mentor and support individuals to consciously work towards developing these skills and hold them accountable as they do
  4. Increased self-awareness, self-efficacy and self-care and influence on others
  5. Greater empathy and emotional intelligence
  6. Flexible thinking replacing rigid thinking
  7. Higher levels of motivation
  8. More effective leadership
  9. Development of core competencies and skills
  10. Identification of developmental needs


Please contact us if you would like to experience this training onboard for your entire team.


Download the course specifications

Download course specifications: Leadership programme