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Everyone speaks the same “language”

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your team members

The process gives a deeper and clearer understanding of yourself and others and the underlying essence of truth. Awareness of how individuals and teams function, feel, communicate and operate is imperative in building high performance and leads to the all important no.1 factor – TRUST. 

By using a skills and strengths personality platform, we can establish when individuals and teams are in flow and grow from there with our bespoke training programs. Insight helps people feel valued, have inner clarity, focussed and aware of their mission to society and work and contribute to a life worth living.

Insight leads to open conversations and of how to manage your day to day lives in a more co-operative, productive way. With fun team activities we open more communication pathways and awareness of how to look after yourself and your teammates to ensure wellness and productivity thrives continually. You will improve your awareness of how you function, feel, communicate and operate. As a result, you will greatly improve your skills in Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Management and set yourself up for even greater success.


Did you know that your handwriting can reveal insights into your personality and character?

From a relatively small sample of handwriting our graphologist and handwriting expert can reveal fascinating insights into someone’s personality and character. For example, reliability, energy levels, social skills, honesty and certain health issues as well as compatibility between couples and business associates. It uncovers useful insights about someone at a different level, delving deeper to see what’s hidden beneath the surface.

LH’s collaboration with graphologist and handwriting expert Emma, completes the Insight 360 phase and holistic approach we provide to all of our clients.

LH Insight



Your team has just come together and you want to become more coherent and get ready for the season.

  • 2 days
  • 6 days (team <10 – 1 trainer)
  • 3 days (team >10 – 2 trainers)
  • 9 sessions


You and your team have been together for some time and feel you are ready to take everything to the next level.

  • 2 days
  • 10 days (team <10 – 1 trainer)
  • 5 days (team >10 – 2 trainers)
  • 14 sessions


You and your team are very committed and realise you are all wanting to become the best version of yourself.

  • 2 days
  • 14 days (team <10 – 1 trainer)
  • 7 days (team >10 – 2 trainers)
  • 26 sessions

Contact us if you would like to receive the Insight 2 day team building independent.