Food Safety and Outbreak management The MFA Manager in Charge of the Luxury Yacht programme will ensure food handlers and managers are trained and competent so that there is peace of mind all aspects of food safety and yacht sanitation are being achieved.

Availble online for you and your team.

Food safety and outbreak management

Luxury Hospitality is proud to be the approved training provider Maritime Food Authority “Manager in Charge of the Luxury Yacht” program which is now available online.

The Highfield Manager in Charge (HMIC) for the Luxury Yacht program will equip your appropriate managers with the knowledge and skills to implement a full and effective food safety management system, allergen control, auditing, yacht sanitation, public health and MARPOL.  

Qualifications can now be accessed through online learning with remote invigilation of examinations. 

What qualifications are included?

  • Highfield level 3 award in Food Safety
  • Highfield level 3 award in Allergen management
  • MFA award in Yacht Sanitation and Public Health
  • Highfield level 3 award in Auditing