Developing a Positive Workforce Culture.Gate Keeper


Working on board a superyacht means being engaged in an industry unlike any other. Life on board is as exciting as it is demanding and the rewards and benefits can be outstanding.

For crew to maximise their enjoyment of their chosen career paths, it’s crucial to fully prepare properly for life in what is essentially a unique environment. It’s no surprise that living and working under conditions of potential stress caused by long working hours in extremely close proximity with others, coupled with the absence of close friends and family and lack of personal time, leads to challenges.  

Our many combined years of experience in the superyacht industry has shown us that creating a positive working environment by understanding and supporting each other assists everyone – individuals, teams and the yacht as a whole – to function successfully.

We are the first in our industry to offer specially designed wellbeing programs for superyacht crew. Our 2-day Working Towards a Positive Workplace program will help bring your team together, foster an understanding of each other and show you useful tools for supporting one another in times of need.

The program is designed to be interactive, inclusive and fun, while tackling some of the more serious challenges today’s superyacht crew face.