Training & Development Services Agreement

1. General

LHM will provide Training & Development Services to the Client, either on Client premises or by way of virtual training sessions via an online tool, as detailed in the LHM quotation Nr. mentioned above.

2. Provision of Training & Development Services

2.1. On Client premises Client shall provide all facilities and equipment as reasonably required by LHM, in a timely manner and at no charge to LHM.

2.2. LHM may subcontract, delegate or assign certain Training & Development Services to third parties while she remains responsible for the performance thereof. The selection of employees, self-employed agents, contractors or

third parties who are to perform certain Training Services is at LHM’s discretion.

3. Fees and Payment Terms

3.1. Payments are non-refundable. LHM will issue invoices prior to the commencement of Services, unless specified otherwise in writing.

3.2. All payments to LHM are due within two weeks of invoice date, but at any rate payment is to be made no later than two weeks before the starting date of the Training & Development.

3.3. Actual incurred reallocation and travel costs, accommodation costs, including hotels, and meals and other reasonable expenses made in providing the Services will be borne by the Client, provided these costs are reasonable and identifiable. Copies of the underlying invoices will be made available to the client at the first request.

3.4. LHM will apply “economy” for flights under four hours and premium/comfort tickets for longer flights if possible, for instance when the urgency of a response stands in the way of this.

4. Changes to the Dates

4.1. A Client can request changing an agreed starting date of the Training & Development only in writing. The following conditions will apply:

4.2. If the request is made more than fourteen days before the starting date LHM will apply no charge and LHM will reserve the payment to be applied to the rescheduled Training & Development, to be held within the upcoming twelve months.

4.3. If the request is made eight to fourteen days before the starting date, LHM will charge 25% of Course and Training/tuition fee, and all booked travel, transportation and/or accommodation costs incurred in full. The remaining 75% will be reserved as agreed sub 4.2.

4.4. If the request is made seven or less days before the starting date, LHM will charge 50% of Course and Training / tuition fee, and all booked travel, transportation and/or accommodation costs in full. The remaining 50% will be reserved as agreed sub 4.2.

5. Confidentiality

5.1. LHM has taken all measures in order to apply the utmost discretion in all dealings with the client and specific client-related knowledge gained from those dealings. This knowledge will under no circumstances be shared with third parties, unless in a court of law or if confidentiality would infringe on situationally applicable law, for instance in the context of government investigations or other matters of force majeure, which matters are to be evidenced by LHM. LHM’s contracts with the trainers and consultants also contain non-disclosure clauses, and LHM ensures and monitors that all trainers and consultants are trained professionals who apply utmost discretion, dictated by the highest professional standards.

5.2. LHM expects from the clients similar discretion, for instance on the details of the contract with LHM and on LHM’s unique methods and services provided, in order to protect LHM’s position in the niche of private assets and leisure industry.

6. Liability

6.1. Both Parties will ensure that proper insurance will be in place for liabilities, damages and personal injury or death, covering the period of the rendering of services. For LHM means, amongst others, proper travel insurance for trainers and consultants traveling to and from the location where services are to be rendered. For the client this means, amongst others, the usual P&I-coverage in case of services rendered on board and comparative cover for work on-shore.

6.2. Each party shall fully indemnify and defend the other against any and all damages inflicted by either party during the scope of the rendering of services, including work-related injury or death. While LHM is convinced this system of each party their own damages (“knock-for-knock”) entails the most fair distribution of responsibilities, at the request of the client alternative arrangements can be made in writing prior to the rendering of services commences.

7. Jurisdiction and applicable law

7.1. The entire relationship between parties is to be governed by the laws of the Netherlands unless agreed otherwise in writing. The exclusively competent court is the Rotterdam District Court, unless agreed otherwise in writing.