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Are you looking to be inspired?
Become motivated, more knowledgeable and confident?
Look not further and join us in Monaco.

Hospitality à la carte

From sharpening your bartender techniques to delivering silver service with greater confidence, this is a great opportunity to perfect your skills in specific services areas.  But as we always say, this industry isn’t just about what you do ― it’s about who you are!  We’re committed to helping you become the best version of yourself, which is why the first day focuses on developing your self knowledge and discovering where your inherent talents lie.

However, although we highly recommend taking part in our Insight Day, you don’t have to attend all days and are free to pick and choose which areas you’d like to focus on.

The programme is as follows:

Day 1: Our Insight day. Deepen your self knowledge through our Talent assessment and LH Dynamics training.

Day 2: Bartending, basic level. Feel more relaxed and confident in your ability to create classic cocktails.

Day 3: Bartending, advanced level. Continue to work on your technique and build your confidence ―  from improving your knowledge on a wide variety of spirits to decorating drinks with finesse.

Day 4 & 5: Service Specialist. This two-day program will guide you through the different service styles we practise in Silver Service and Synchronised Service.

Day 6: Cigars, Shisha & Specialty tea. Our three workshops will help you to familiarise yourself with luxury products and ensure you feel comfortable serving them.

All our trainings are accredited by GUEST.