International spirits

Who is this course for?

Developing your teams’ beverage portfolio, this training will begin with the history of spirits through to the processes and categories. During the course, your team will better understand raw materials, fermentation, distillation and post-distillation. The international spirit categories such as rum, vodka, anise, bitters and more are covered – knowing what to stock and how to serve with style.

Learning outcomes

  1. The history of spirits
  2. Learn the basics about processing raw materials, fermentation, distillation and post distillation
  3. Gain insight into international spirit categories such as:
    • Vodka (rye, corn, wheat, potato and grape based )
    • Gin (genever, old tom, london dry, new western style)
    • Rum (white, golden, brown, sipping, spiced, rhum agricole, cachaca )
    • Agave spirits (tequila, mezcal)
    • Whisk(e)y’s (Irish, Scotch, American, Japanese, Canadian)
    • Liqueurs ( herbal, fruit, nut, cream, spirit based)
    • Anise (Pernod, absinthe)
    • Bitters (Campari, amaro, cocktail bitters)
    • Fortified wines (sherry, port, vermouth)
  4. How to serve spirits with comforting dominance and style
  5. Advice on what to stock onboard/in-house


Please contact us if you would like to experience this customisable training onboard for your entire team.


Download the course specifications

Download course specifications: International spirits