Provide the world’s best hospitality by acting from the heart.4-day Leadership training

Become a motivated leader
Be focussed and inspire your crew
GUEST accredited training

Leadership 4-day programme

During this 4 day training we help the (beginning) leader to better understand the impact he/she can have on individuals and team performance, as well as the need to be flexible and adaptable.

The first day will be all about you; what are your strengths and challenges and what drives you. During the second day we will explore how you communicate with your team and manage your time. Learn skills and behaviors leaders need during the third day. And on our final day we will go through how you can develop a learning culture onboard.

This training is accredited by GUEST, upon completion you will receive a GUEST Unit 17 Leadership Foundations and LH certificate.

Key takeaways:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Uncovering communication styles and skills
  • How to lead your team more effectively
  • How to develop your team and unleash their potential