Leadership delivery On-Demand

Are you looking to develop or polish your leadership skills? Look no further!!

Now could be a great opportunity to put your time and energy into developing or polishing your leadership skills no matter what stage of the leadership journey you are at.

Also available for your whole team.

Leadership Delivery On-Demand

By registering for our delivery On-Demand online leadership development opportunity, you (or your team) will have full access to 5 programs that will take you on a journey from personal leadership to developing your skills as an emerging leader, a team leader, a senior leader and organisational leader. These programs offer content-based instruction through videos, animation, interactive quizzes, assessments, PDF guidebooks as well as other resources and tools. As well as these amazing programs there are many more fantastic learning activities to help you are your team to reach their full potential.

Select where you wish to start

The courses are all based around 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. After you (and/or your team) sign up you will have an All Access Pass that will allow you access for 12 months to the following programmes:

1. Personal Leadership: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

5. Organisational Leadership: Leading at the Speed of Trust

These influential courses teach the basics of great leadership, effectiveness, communication and productivity.

Select where you wish to start depending on your current leadership position but if you have never engaged with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People before, we strongly recommend you start here.

One on one coaching

As part of the special Leadership On-Demand programme you (you and your team) wil receive  3 hours one on one coaching time with one of our specialised facilitators.

What is your investment?

The investment for access to all this high quality online material and the 3 personal support calls with Martin is €1475 (ex. VAT). 


We provide you with professional certification for each of the programs.


Martin Mainey
Head of Coaching | Leadership specialist

Skilled in leadership, coaching and team building, Martin supports people to be their best.
Phone +44 (0)773 820 1480