Leading Through People

Who is this course for?

Successful leaders don’t manage people, they develop people who manage themselves, against agreed goals. Leading through people takes you on a journey where you learn how to bring the best out in people. You will learn how to effectively communicate, the art of listening and how to have difficult conversations. They say that feedback is a gift, but this is only true if it is delivered skillfully. You will learn how to give reinforcing and redirecting feedback that leaves people feeling empowered and motivated. We will explore how to get “assertive” right and how you can leverage the power of your influence.

Learning outcomes

  1. Learn the skills to effectively and empathically listen to people and what kind of listening is necessary in different situations
  2. Explore different communication styles
  3. Understand the importance of difficult yet crucial conversations
  4. Explore the Johari Window to learn about the power of feedback and self disclosure and the FBI model for feedback and practice through role play
  5. Understand what it means to be assertive, assess how assertive you are and learn strategies to become assertive
  6. Understand the importance of building trust and how this is essential in your ability to influence those around you


Please contact us if you would like to experience this training onboard for your entire team.


Download the course specifications

Download course specifications: Leading Through People