LH DynamicsLeadership strategy for Creators


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Focus on your primary profile

How much time do you spend every week as a Creator, focusing on finding innovative ways to do things? How much value do you deliver for every hour you spend in flow? How much less value do you deliver when you are working on areas that are not in your flow? Work with your team to redesign your time to increase the amount of time you spend in flow. Base your milestones on how much you are converting your creativity into cash flow.

Use your secondary profiles

Your secondary profiles are like wings. If you need to slow down because you are ‘over-creating’ and the team can’t keep up, shift your time to spend more of it in your secondary profiles, which are Mechanic and Star. As a Mechanic, focus on building systems. As a Star, focus on building your marketing skills and making connections.

Use the 1–2–3 formula to build your team

As a general guide, the most powerful team for a Creator is to have a Supporter (2 steps clockwise along the square) to lead the team and an Accumulator (another 3 steps clockwise along the square) to manage the financials and details. This 1–2–3 formula works for all profiles. If you are joining a team rather than building your own team, Creators are very valuable in contributing strategy and creativity within a team. Stay in your flow by using your strengths within the teams you join.

Tune in to your team members

Each profile has a different natural way to lead, learn, communicate and get into flow. Help others to know how to best work with you, and connect with your team members, partners and customers in the way that works best for them. To do this takes an understanding of each of the profiles.

Grow your trust and flow

Creators create value through their intuitive thinking. People trust you for your ability to innovate. Creators leverage naturally through both multiplying with systems and magnifying through people. As people see you naturally taking initiative, they flow more responsibility and resources to you.