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Creator - The best initator

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Dominant Energy


Action Dynamic

Introvert / Extrovert

Thinking Dynamic



Visionary, creative, optimistic, stimulating, inspiring, ability to multitask, quick to get results, great at getting things started.


Poor sense of timing, impatient, overly optimistic about what others can achieve, easily distracted, struggle to finish things.


Best when free to create, with a team to promote and a team to monitor the details. Excels when kept focused on the ‘big picture’ strategy and the creative process through to the end result.


Trying to control too much, run too fast, or expect too much of others. Creators often keep to themselves so struggle to communicate and articulate their expectations.

The most challenging roles in teams

Timekeeping, detailed analysis, taking time with everyone in the team, being down-to-earth, monitoring detailed activity, learning through textbooks, communicating details.

The best roles in teams

Creative projects, creative problem-solving, big picture thinking, strategy, task-focused leadership, learning with visuals, communicating in simple summaries.

The most challenging roles in life

Customer service, repetitive routines, detailed analysis, market research, proof reading, implementation, timekeeping.

The best roles in life

Big picture, business strategy, brainstorming, product development, design, risk-taking, starting new companies.