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Dealmaker - The best peacemaker

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Dominant Energy

Blaze / Tempo

Action Dynamic


Thinking Dynamic



Outgoing, entertaining, approachable, listening, always connecting people, quick to see opportunities, always in conversation.


Needs structure to get results, often too quick to please, often mischievous, easily distracted by others or their ideas, unsure of their own identity.


Best when free to connect with others. Deal Makers need variety and constant contact, with clear direction and rules to the game. They are energised by others and work by bringing people together.


Without clear direction, Deal Makers are often lost or can’t decide on the best way forward. They are so busy helping others they often forget themselves. They will hide in the background if not acknowledged or included.

The most challenging roles in teams

System planning, measurement, creating new ideas or plans, public presentations, task-focused leadership, learning through visuals, communicating through visuals or presentations.

The best roles in teams

Sourcing materials or resources, looking after everyone, service-focused leadership, learning through role-play and hands-on experience, communicating one-to-one.

The most challenging roles in life

 Financial accounting, system design, disciplining, innovation, project leadership, product design, detailed reporting.

The best roles in life

Networking, negotiation, partnerships, market research, peacekeeping, conflict resolution, diplomacy.