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Mechanic- The best completer

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Dominant Energy

Dynamo / Steel

Action Dynamic


Thinking Dynamic



Completing things, finding ways to improve systems, making things simpler, perfecting projects, paying attention to detail.


Often takes a long time to complete tasks. Gets caught up in details, forgets about the team, and are often inflexible and unwilling to change.


Mechanics are at their best when looking for ways to improve things. They love to tinker and take things apart, and then put them together in new and better ways. They are best when completing projects.


Mechanics are not so good at starting things from scratch. They are perfectionists who are worried about making mistakes. They aren’t comfortable in chaotic situations and can be less sensitive to the feelings of others.

The most challenging roles in teams

People management, socialising and small talk, being down-to-earth, activity monitor, learning through discussion and conversation, timekeeping, conducting interviews and research.

The best roles in teams

Creative problem-solving, making smart improvements, organising roles in teams, task-focused leadership, learning via visuals and detail, communicating in flow charts and mind maps.

The most challenging roles in life

Negotiating, customer service, marketing and sales, starting projects, people management, motivation.

The best roles in life

System design, perfecting processes, completing tasks, fine tuning, operations strategy, data collection.