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Star- The best promoter

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Dominant Energy

Dynamo / Blaze

Action Dynamic


Thinking Dynamic



Creative, outgoing, able to motivate and inspire others, quick to connect, holds the stage, high energy and knows how to have fun.


Often overpowering, can forget to consider everyone, not strong at detail, often runs with first ideas before considering other ideas.


Best when free to express and develop their own identity. Stars are best when able to work on their presentation and performance, provided the light is used to shine on others around them. Stars need a team to be at their best.


They can frighten others away by expecting too much of others or taking on too much themselves. When Stars are overly judgemental of others or themselves, they can find themselves alone.

The most challenging roles in teams

Detailed study, timekeeping, system planning, measurement, looking after everyone, keeping views to themselves, detail-focused leadership, learning through textbooks, communicating through data.

The best roles in teams

Creative projects, big picture thinking, promoting projects, leading the team, people-focused leadership, learning through conversation and discussion, communicating through debate and performance.

The most challenging roles in life

Financial detail, research and measurement, customer care, detailed writing, listening, project management.

The best roles in life

Marketing, promotion, sales leadership, presenting, performing, leading out of crisis, motivation, starting a business.