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Dominant Energy


Action Dynamic


Thinking Dynamic



Relationship-focused, confidence-building, able to lead, able to follow, enjoys team building, enjoys meeting new people, loyal to the team.


Little patience with numbers or details, restless on their own, easily distracted, loves to chat, often changes direction, wants constant variety.


Best when in a team, bringing out the best in everyone. Will shine if given clear direction and outcomes to achieve. Takes the time with each team member and builds loyalty. Best when provided with creative input and back-up.


Can struggle if left on their own to figure everything out with little direction or when their team is taken away. They also lose energy without fun or celebration.

The most challenging roles in teams

Financial management, system planning, measurement, developing new ideas, starting or finishing things, detail-focused leadership, learning through textbooks, communicating through data.

The best roles in teams

Relating to people, organising the team, motivating, communicating, people-focused management, mentoring, learning through conversation and from others.

The most challenging roles in life

Financial detail, research and measurement, administration, innovation, product development, data processing.

The best roles in life

People management, marketing, relationship management, sales, support, team building, motivation, support team to Creators and Stars.