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Trader - The best negotiator

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Dominant Energy


Action Dynamic

Introvert / Extrovert

Thinking Dynamic



Balanced, observant, grounded and always clear in what is fair. Takes time with people, gets to the point and often sees things that others miss.


Needs direction to get results, happier with existing routines than new things, needs to see it to believe it, often loses direction or clarity.


Works best when in the thick of the action. Traders need to be hands-on and actively engaged. When they are in charge of making moment-by-moment decisions, they are at their best and are the best to lead in a crisis.


Traders fail when they are in charge of creating or directing from a blank page. They will take on too much or forget to delegate effectively. They also need much more information before being comfortable with a new direction.

The most challenging roles in teams

Public speaking, creating new ideas or plans, creating change, task-focused leadership, learning through visuals, communicating through visuals or presentations.

The best roles in teams

Keeping the team together, ensuring things are fair, monitoring activity, timekeeping, leading through activity, learning through hands-on experience and observation, communicating one-to-one.

The most challenging roles in life

Creative design, strategic leadership, public speaking, marketing, financial accounting, system design.

The best roles in life

Customer care, emergency services, market trading, market research, timekeeping, human resources, maintaining harmony in a team.