Operate your organisation on the highest standards

Have the best possible organisation

Our bespoke Luxury Hospitality consultancy raises the bar in all areas of yachting, corporate businesses and on private estates

Our consultancy process starts with identifying the specific challenges facing your organisation. Ultimately, the key to solving these problems is your people.

Together, we will support you with:

  • Establishing and implementing service delivery standards
  • Enhancing service levels
  • Human resources, personal development, hospitality and leadership training
  • Organisational design and development


Ergonomics and flow are crucial to the smooth running of a yacht.

Working towards excellence means taking a close look at your offerings and finding ways to make them better for both guests and crew. 

As a team, our experts can review the current level of service delivery and guest experience onboard and provide practical advice on the layout of the yacht at any stage to see where and how service function and flows can be optimised or improved. This includes new build projects, refits, and all operational yachts.

Our team can help on many levels, including:

  • Service Blueprint: the Ultimate Guest Experience 
  • Training and development programmes
  • Creation of SOPs and service procedures
  • Recruitment support  – training and tools
  • Equipment advice
  • Procurement advice – durables and consumables 
  • Refit and change orders


Whether you are experiencing problems in your company culture, need to align your leadership teams to your strategy and vision, or are wanting to ensure your next transformational change project is successful, we can help.

Our leadership and organisational development consultants work alongside you to define, design and deliver solutions to your business challenges. Our people focus ensures your next change or development project will be successful allowing both your people and business to thrive.

Our team can help on many levels, including:

  • Business strategy
  • Organisational design
  • Organisational change management 
  • Leader, culture and team effectiveness – utilising LH Dynamics 
  • Leadership development, including 360 feedback and coaching 
  • Team building
  • Process and procedure development e-g. Recruitment


Is the care you provide to your staff and guests consistent? Improving operations involves standardising processes to make them efficient, consistent and scalable. Together we help you to achieve this, taking the guest experience to the next level while saving you time and money.

We believe that achieving service excellence is a reflection of your business culture. Staff who are treated well and believe in their employer’s core values are happier and this positivity is reflected in the level of service they strive to deliver. If your people feel supported and empowered they will be true advocates for your brand.

Our team can help on many levels, including:

  • Hospitality and Leadership training
  • Service focus evaluation
  • Review of service flows
  • Onboarding strategies 
  • Organisational development
  • HR Support Services 
  • Creation of SOPs and Service Procedures