Raise the service levels in your estate

Running your operation smoothly

Is the care you provide to your staff and guests consistent? Improving operations involves standardising processes to make them efficient, consistent and scalable. Together we help you to achieve this, taking the guest experience to the next level while saving you time and money.

We believe that achieving service excellence is a reflection of the culture within your team and operation of the estate. Staff who are treated well and believe in their employer’s core values are happier and this positivity is reflected in the level of service they strive to deliver. If your staff feels supported and empowered they will go that extra mile for you.

Our approach

LH’s approach to personal and professional development leads to open conversations about how individuals can manage their daily lives in a more cooperative and productive way. With fun and engaging team activities, we open more communication pathways and cultivate awareness of how personnel can look after themselves and each other to ensure wellness and productivity within the company and their private lives.

Development doesn’t happen overnight; it takes consistency and dedication to continually face the natural discomfort that comes from trying to change habitual patterns. Our highly trained coaches and mentors are here to work with you via video conference or phone, wherever you are in the world, to offer support and guidance and to hold you accountable to make your staff and the service they offer in your estate, the best it can be.

How we can help you

Our team can help on many levels, including:

  • Hospitality and Leadership training
  • Service focus evaluation
  • Service Blueprint development
  • Review of service flows
  • Individual, team and organisational performance evaluations
  • Onboarding strategies 
  • People development
  • Organisational development
  • HR support services 
  • Creation of SOPs and service procedures