The art of bartending

This unique online course provides you with lots of video material and interactive one-on-one time with our specialist trainers. Are you looking to increase your knowledge and finetune your skills? Look no further and sign up now!

The world of bartending

In this specifically designed online programme we will make sure you and your team are trained on relevant knowledge and techniques for the luxury yachting service. It will boost your confidence and skills to the next level and can be completely customized to your wishes and needs.

The course can accommodate teams of up to 6 people (preferably minimum of 2 people because you need to taste each others drinks).

How does it work?

Online intake

We will start with a free online intake with our specialist trainer Rob who can tell you all about the possibilities. Together you set up your programme fully customized to your needs.

During the training

The training is facilitated via Zoom. During the training, Rob will closely monitor all your actions and provide personal feedback. We have developed bartending videos for you, created instruction checklists and manuals that will be used during the training. You will also receive homework like creating a signature cocktail and presenting them.


There are several topics you can choose from within the world of bartending:

Bartending and Mixology

This part is all about practical skills. We will go through all bartending techniques and finetune your execution. Reading and making cocktail recipes is a basic technique, and understanding the principles of mixology and the DNA of cocktails will give you confidence and freedom to create remarkable guest experiences.

We will dive deeper into taste and flavour and we’ll discuss sensation and aroma. Afterwards, we’ll move on to mixology principles including dilution, balance and synergy. We will also discuss how important speed and efficiency is while bartending.


You will taste various spirits and we will train you on how to serve them best to your guests. International standards requires an international stock selection, we will recommend you what to stock onboard and how to wow your guests.

What is your investment?

This training is completely bespoke and adjusted to your needs and wishes.

Prices start from €700 (excl. VAT, minimum of 2 hours) for you and or your team (maximum of 6 people).


– Rob Rademaker –