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This unique online course provides you with 12 hours of training including lots of video material and interactive one-on-one time with our specialist trainers.

Welcome to the world of bartending!
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The world of bartending

Welcome to the world of bartending! In this unique online training program, you will learn about the history of bartending as well as essential tips and techniques for mixing great modern and classic drinks. You will become familiar with all the basic tools and skills of the modern professional bartender. The course is divided into four 3-hour modules and can accommodate teams of up to 6 people.

What does each module contain?

Module 1 – bartending basics

This first module is all about the basics of bartending. We will discuss different spirits, bar set-up and your mise en place. We will also show you how to build and shake a cocktail.

Module 2 – bartending essentials

Stirring, muddling or layering a cocktail? Via engaging videos, we’ll share all you need to know about bartending essentials. You will also receive a practical assignment on which you will receive feedback from our specialist trainers.

Module 3 – bartending mixology

In module 3, we will dive deeper into taste and flavour and we’ll discuss sensation and aroma. Afterwards, we’ll move on to mixology principles including dilution, balance and synergy. We will also discuss how important speed and efficiency is while bartending.

Module 4 – bartending advanced

There is a lot more to bartending than just making the drink. For instance, did you know how important your body language is? We will also show you some staging and theming cocktails and you will have the opportunity to create your own signature cocktail.

What is your investment?

All four modules are delivered by our specialist trainer.

For the first module, we are currently offering a 50% discount. Therefore, the cost for Module 1 is only €475 (excl. VAT) for your team (maximum of 6 people).

The next 3 modules are offered as a package for €1,975 (excl. VAT) for your team (maximum of 6 people). Normal price is €950 per module.


Rob Rademaker
Specialist Trainer (Bar, Mixology, Barista and specialist Tea)

Rob’s impressive credentials and awards in the food and beverage industry makes him our standout Specialist Trainer in beverages.