Meet our team

LH embraces a highly effective awareness approach to create high performing individuals, teams and organisations. By understanding how people function, feel, communicate and operate, we develop tolerance which in turn leads to the No. 1 factor of any successful organisation – TRUST. 

Everyone in our team has a different energy and profile. These different energies complement each-other. ‘The principle behind our leadership platform is that individuals, teams and organisations are at their best when they are in flow. Put simply, flow is the path of least resistance. When you are in a team in flow, productivity increases, results improve dramatically, people have more fun and feel more connected to the organisation.’

Each one of our team members bring something different and unique. All of us are looking forward to partnering with you. Click on our team members below and look at what makes them unique and the value they bring to LH.

Peter Vogel
Managing Director

It was during the early days of his career at sea, on board luxury cruise ships from Seabourn Cruise Line, when Peter realised that …

Erik Smit
Operations Manager

At a very young age Erik knew that hospitality would be his industry. At hotel de l’Europe he finished his final internship…

Georgie Mainey
Academy Manager

The passion for hospitality began for Georgie through the inspiration of her father who was a Swiss trained chef…

Martin Mainey
Head of Leadership

Martin’s passion for leadership developed through his twenty-year long career in education…

Chris Alder
Head of Coaching & People Development

Having been on the receiving end of poorly trained managers while working in the catering and hospitality industries, Chris is driven by his personal mission to raise…

Julia Rogers
Head of Insight

Julia has been involved in teaching and training for many years, initially in the Corporate IT sector and latterly as…

Lynne Edwards
Insight trainer

Having graduated in Hotel Catering and Institutional Management in Oxford, Lynne has since gained more than 40…..

Renata Balla
Head of Interior training

Renata started her hospitality career working in 5-star hotels in Budapest, Hungary, while studying for her degree in hotel management. After graduating…

Diana van Kamp
Head of Communication

Diana brings to Luxury Hospitality Group (LHG) a wealth of…..

Angelique Besseling
Specialist trainer Wine & Food Safety

Angelique’s strong grounding in F&B roles more than 15 years ago set the stage for an impressive hospitality career that…

Helena Alder
Specialist coach

Helena is an Integral Master CoachTM with a passion for leadership coaching and working with people ready to take their life …

Lillian van Leeuwen
Back Office

Lilian comes from a completely different background than….