Meet our team

At Luxury Hospitality, we embrace a highly effective awareness approach to create high performing individuals, teams and organisations.

By understanding how people function, feel, communicate and operate, we develop tolerance within teams which in turn leads to the number 1 factor of any successful organisation: trust. 

Everyone in our team has a different energy and personality profile. These different energies complement each other. The principle behind our leadership approach is that individuals, teams and organisations are at their best when they are in flow.

Put simply, flow is the path of least resistance. When you are in a team in flow, productivity increases, results improve dramatically, people have more fun and they feel more connected to the organisation.

Each of our team members bring something different and unique. All of us are looking forward to partnering with you.

Learn more about our team members below and find out what makes them unique and what value they bring to Luxury Hospitality.

Peter Vogel
Managing Director

Peter and 7-star hospitality are one and the same. His knowledge and experience is acclaimed throughout the global luxury hospitality industry.

Erik Smit
Operations Manager

At a young age, Erik knew that hospitality would be his industry of choice. He now shares his 20+ years of experience as a trainer and consultant.

Georgie Mainey
Academy Manager

Georgie brings to LH a wealth of experience in project management, quality assurance and training in the global luxury hospitality industry.

Martin Mainey
Head of Leadership & Coaching

Skilled in leadership, coaching and team building, Martin supports people to be their best.
Phone +44 (0)773 820 1480

Julia Rogers
Head of Insight

Julia is a gifted communicator and is well-versed in working with wealthy, private individuals.
Phone: +44 (0)778 842 8008

Lynne Edwards
Insight Specialist

Lynne brings 40 years of experience in hospitality and training to her role as Insight Specialist.
Phone: +33 (0)662 761 156

Renata Balla
Head of Interior Training

Renata brings to LH five-star hospitality experience having worked on board luxury cruise liners and yachts as well as for royalty.

Diana van Kamp
Head of Communication

Diana’s experience in hotel management and communications means that she takes care of all our client communication and marketing projects.

Rob Rademaker
Specialist Trainer (Bar, Mixology, Barista & Tea)

Rob’s impressive credentials and awards in the food and beverage industry makes him our standout Specialist Trainer in beverages.

Svenja Halligan
Specialist Trainer

Backed by her experience working on board one of the world’s most prestigious superyachts, Svenja trains crew to deliver 7-star guest service.

Lazlo Gal
Specialist Trainer/Customer Engagement Manager

Lazlo shares his passion and experience for creating memorable guest experiences and building motivated teams in his role as Specialist Trainer.

Lilian van Leeuwen
Back Office

With her caring attitude and 25+ years of experience, Lilian supports the entire Luxury Hospitality team from the back office.