Online Personal Leadership Development course

31 maart 2020 News

Sharpen your personal leadership style while staying safe! Really focus on your professional personal development from wherever you are in the world with the support of LH’s Martin Mainey. Learn timeless principles of human effectiveness and that true success really comes from the inside-out. The self-paced modules are supported by weekly seminars hosted by Martin. … Continue reading

Specially-created online Insight course

31 maart 2020 News

We have developed a unique opportunity to participate and connect with a select group in our specially-created online programme. This engaging and insightful online 4-week course will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your teammates. Awareness of how individuals and teams function, feel, communicate and operate is imperative and leads to the all … Continue reading

The Millennial Landscape in the Superyacht Industry

14 februari 2020 Events, News

Onboard Online wrote an interesting article with our very own Peter Vogel, Erik Smit and Martin Mainey giving their insight on Millennials. If you’ve ever laughed at your parents for not being able to do their food shop online but then had to Google how to clean the oven, chances are you’re a millennial. Born … Continue reading