Uncover your true talents with LH Dynamics

I was naked and afraid.

I’d just completed my test drive of Luxury Hospitality’s ‘LH Dynamics’ Talent Awareness tool, and it was freakishly accurate in its assessment of who I am.

On the results page delivered at the end of the process, my personal strengths were detailed with a level of accuracy that surprised and impressed me. My carefully crafted robes of professional mystery had been torn asunder.

The Lord’s Prayer

My results card boldly congratulated me for being a ‘Lord’, which is something I shall henceforth be obliged to remind my wife of any time I need to convince her that I am right. For a change. Just this one time. Maybe.

My talent profile was heavily, almost comically, skewed towards the ‘Lord’ profile, to the extent that more than two-thirds of my results fell definitively into that one associated energy.

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14 April 2023 News
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