LH DynamicsOrigins of LH Dynamics

Origins of LH Dynamics

Profiling tools, otherwise known as personality and behaviour assessments, have been around for decades, and are commonly used in the corporate world to define and measure individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Although there are differences between profiling platforms, there are some common threads running through the results you receive. This is because they all originate from the work of late psychiatrist Carl Jung. In the 1920s, he pioneered the use of psychometric testing as a tool to provide insight into human nature.

Carl Jung had based his psychometric testing on Roger Wilhelm’s translation of the I Ching, a 5,000-year-old Chinese document and system of thinking, which also underpins Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feng Shui and Yin and Yang.

Knowing this, world-renowned futurist, New York bestselling author and mentor to entrepreneurs Roger Hamilton returned to the source of Jung’s work, the I Ching, to create his own superior profiling system. The result was Talent Dynamics, a rich and multi-dimensional profiling system that represents an individual’s mix of energy, thinking and action styles in the context of business, relationships, markets and other units of time.

Based on Talent Dynamics, but tailored specifically for the Luxury Hospitality market, the Luxury Hospitality Dynamics system is more detailed than traditional psychometric evaluations. We believe success comes when we strike a chord within ourselves: when we are able to hear our own unique selves above the noise of information in order to love what we do and do what we love.

Luxury Hospitality Dynamics is designed to identify each person’s inherent skills and talents as well as areas of possible challenges so that individuals can identify their own paths to success and fulfilment.