Build on your knowledge, but also invest in the transformative power of Insight

Written by: Lynne Edwards 

Knowledge is power – not least for the champagne makers of the 19th century – who found themselves to be something of a vulnerable target in the workplace. Long before health and safety was established, they wore metal masks to protect their faces, due to the bottles’ tendency to explode with the pressure of 50 million contained bubbles. It’s enough to wonder just how many facial injuries occurred, before the eventual introduction of stronger glass bottles and metal clasp closures made the process a little safer.

Despite some of the drink’s inherent dangers, it surged in popularity, especially among the higher echelons of society. They were more than prepared to risk injury, for the chance to savour its refined taste and all the elegance and sophistication it symbolised. And from Napoleon’s post-battle victories to the extravagant spraying of champagne over motor racing podiums, the drink has lost none of its sparkle or legendary status over the centuries. The French emperor may be long gone but the ‘Sabrage’ – his riskier method for popping the cork, with a sword or long-bladed knife – lives on. 

Sword-handling is not, you may be relieved to know, at the top of our itinerary in our latest hospitality programme but the rich legacy and history of this drink is just one of the topics we cover over five days – along with mixology, filleting, carving and flambé – to help you perfect the art of service. Because there’s always something new to learn in this industry that will enhance your understanding and your guest’s experience – whether you’re a seasoned professional or a complete novice. 

For example, do you know your Magnum from your Nebuchadnezzar? These bottle names mostly come from ancient kings of Israel, which may be a tribute to these historical figures (or a statement about the worth of the bottle of wine). But whatever the origin is, a fun acronym to remember the names from Magnum to Nebuchadnezzar – and GREAT for pub quizzes – is “My Judy Really Makes Splendid Belching Noises!!”, although you’ll need to memorise the corresponding numbers of bottles in each.

Do you know the best glass to preserve the effervescence of champagne? From the coupe to the tulip we’ll explain the science behind creating the ultimate champagne drinking experience. And what about the history of shisha? From managing heat output to set-up and smoking, we’ll make sure you feel more confident about the various ways different cultures have enjoyed this tradition that’s been around for centuries. 

However, as we always say, this industry is not just about what you do, it’s about who you are. Our course will teach you all the skills you need to elevate the art of service – from impressing your guests with your flair for flambe to feeling more at ease creating cocktails under pressure. Knowledge is power and we promise we  can teach you the correct way to carry plates perfectly. But  developing an indepth understanding of self and others is equally as powerful. 

You’re free to pick just one or two days from the programme to focus on particular areas but we highly recommend that you invest in our Insight day, where you’ll discover what makes you tick, what motivates you and where your inherent talents lie. As many of our clients have discovered throughout our training, insight is key to increasing your productivity, enhancing your wellbeing, building better relationships and communicating more effectively with your team. The results can be life-changing in all areas of their life. 

To find out more about the Hospitality à la carte training in collaboration with La Belle Classe Academy at the Monaco Yacht Club click here or contact us for a customised onboard training programme.


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