Navigating LH Dynamics: Why personalities can clash onboard?

October blog LHWritten by: Gemma Harris

Yacht crew are not only made up of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and experiences but also personalities – and when these all merge, it can mean that, understandably, not everyone will always get on, and there will be occasional friction. While you may not get on with everyone you work with, you do have to appreciate and respect them to ensure a harmonious team. 

Diversity is necessary for a thriving team, so it is important to understand people better to minimise clashes and conflicts onboard. 

How can you do that? Enter: LH Dynamics! 

LH Dynamics 

At LH, everything we do is underpinned by LH Dynamics – our unique talent awareness tool. Our muse for this tool was the renowned Roger Hamilton and his creation of Talent Dynamics. Fascinated by the work of psychologist Carl Jung, he created the tool using a combination of Jungian psychometric testing, western physics, and laws of Indian and Chinese philosophy.

Seeing the tool’s value, we used the same principles but applied them to the service-oriented world of luxury hospitality, including the superyacht industry. 

LH Dynamics enables each crew member to understand their unique talent profile – made up of dominant energies – influencing how they approach tasks, interact with others and contribute to the yacht itself. Understanding these can help lead to a more productive and harmonious onboard environment. 

Differing energies

Here are some examples of the specific LH Dynamics energies and how clashes may appear within crew harnessing a particular energy: 

Dynamo vs Steel: While people with Dynamo energy are big-picture thinkers and energetic and spontaneous individuals who usually thrive on change, Lords prefer order and a much more structured approach. 

Blaze vs Steel: People with high Blaze energy tend to be social and outgoing, thriving on networking and communication, whereas individuals with high Steel energy tend to be more precise and detail-oriented, usually preferring to work alone. 

Tempo vs Blaze: Tempo individuals enjoy collaboration and keeping the team together, whereas those with high Blaze energy are usually more assertive; this clash often can centre around how they approach team dynamics. 

Managing conflict

To harness the full potential of LH Dynamics, here are some ways to consider to manage team dynamics better: 

Be self-aware:
LH Dynamics can be a game-changer when managing personality clashes onboard. It is important to encourage crew members to take time to understand their own energies and talent profiles. Knowing your natural strengths and challenges can lead to better self-awareness.

Communicate better:
Open and honest communication is always key. Crew members must always express their perspectives and concerns onboard, allowing for inclusive discussions. 

Encourage flexibility:
HODs should encourage flexibility within working approaches. Different personalities have unique strengths, and finding ways to incorporate them and marry them with life skills can lead to more efficient teams. 

Resolve conflict:
Conflict will always arise. Establish a fair conflict resolution process onboard, focusing on the shared goals and common ground. 

Build strong teams:
Organising team-building activities that allow the crew to get to know each other better and appreciate each personality will foster stronger working and living relationships. 

“LH Dynamics can help understand how another team member prefers to receive information to get the job done best.  We all project how we want, but good communication is knowing how the other person wants to ‘hear’ it and adjusting accordingly.  This encourages good connection.” 
– Julia Rogers, LH Dynamics Specialist. 

Better teams

While personality challenges can be challenging, they are also opportunities for growth and learning. A good team isn’t one where everyone is the same; it is one where diverse talents, personalities and life skills come together to create something great. LH Dynamics offers a valuable framework for understanding and navigating clashes among different personalities. Embracing and using these differences to your advantage can build more effective teams and improved relationships. 

“ When we understand each other and why we don’t ‘gel’ at times, we can accept and appreciate each other’s differences.  Each person has something to give to the other, and if your talents are another person’s challenges, you can support them and vice versa.  This makes for a very effective team, all performing and supporting each other with unique talents and life skills” – Julia Rogers, LH Dynamics Specialist. 

To learn more about the theory behind LH Dynamics, the episode with Roger Hamilton is now live on season two of the Power of Purpose podcast

To receive your LH Dynamics unique log-in key, email academy@luxuryhospitalitymgm.com 


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