Top 5 tips for creating the ultimate guest experience

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Written by: Lynne Edwards

Life onboard a superyacht is the ultimate in privacy and freedom, so it’s no surprise that owners and charter guests expect absolute discretion and the best possible service. As crew and a service provider, how can you create an experience your owner and guests will remember for years to come? 

Before jumping into our top tips, remember that providing excellent service is about much more than the physical tasks you perform – it’s about understanding and applying the Art of Service.

What is the Art of Service?

Think carefully about how you serve your customers and clients, in this case yacht owners, their families and friends, and charter guests.

Providing excellent service is multi-dimensional and starts with the right mindset. You can be the most highly technically trained crew member in the industry, but if your attitude and behaviour is out of alignment, then your technical skills count for very little.  

We believe that the ‘Art of Service’ comes from the heart and once you are truly proficient only then can you deliver the perfect guest experience.

Practical tips for creating unrivalled guest experiences

LH’s trainers are all proficient in the ‘Art of Service’ and have spent many years cultivating their expertise in their respective areas, such as specialist service, housekeeping, and interior. 

Below they share their top tips for creating the ultimate guest experience: 

  1. Be mindful of your guests’ time. Introducing your guests to their room is the perfect time to connect with them. You can showcase your professionalism and set expectations for what type of service they can expect. Be prepared and keep a certain ‘flow’ in mind and feel the mood of your guests so that you don’t overstay nor elaborate unnecessarily.
  2. Be observant. Take careful note of your guests’ likes and dislikes, their habits, and idiosyncrasies, and then make sure you take them into account. For example, if you know a guest enjoys a cappuccino mid-morning, seek them out and ask if you can serve them one, without them having to ask. 
  3. Pick up on your guests’ energy. This will differ according to their culture, nationality and even just the mood of the day. Try to sense how they are feeling and serve them accordingly. If they need space for themselves, ensure they have everything they need, then leave them alone for a while. After all, they are human, just like us! 
  4. Pay attention to detail. Often the little things leave the biggest impression, so when it comes to things like polishing glassware (there’s a lot of it onboard!), take the job seriously and pay careful attention to the smallest detail. Attention to detail is relevant when it comes to every aspect of onboard service, especially interior service.  
  5. Making an impact. First impressions are important and not just greeting guests at the dock. Table decoration can set the whole tone for the evening and not just to enhance the theme of the evening. It shows the guests you’re providing them with a unique, one of a kind experience and that’s it’s tailored to them. Personalising guest experiences according to themes and celebrating special occasions will help to create long-lasting memories. 

In need of inspiration? The Stew Table has some amazing table set ups to seek creativity from.

Never stop experimenting and invest in training

When it comes to creating guest experiences, keep track of what works and what doesn’t work. Improve by adapting and continually trying new ideas with new guests. 

Remember every guest is different and what worked for one might not work for another. 

One of the best ways to continue learning is by investing in development. Learning from the industry’s best is a sure way to elevate your knowledge and skills! 

To help crew master the Art of Service, and increase their confidence, finesse, and expertise in interior skills, LH runs specialist courses in service, beverage, housekeeping, and mixology and hookah services. 

Find out more on our website and then get in touch to book – we’d love to help you create the ultimate experience for your owners and guests!

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