Top tips for yacht crew to upskill this winter

Written by: Gemma Harris

As the Mediterranean weather cools, yachts go into hibernation, refit projects get underway, and crew are treated to some invaluable downtime, winter is the perfect opportunity for you to upskill, prepare for the next season and invest in the next stage of your career. 

At LH, we are all about personal and professional development, so this blog explores why upskilling is essential and provides some practical tips from our trainers to grow professionally this winter. 

Why should you upskill?

  • Stay competitive: In an evolving and competitive industry, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Upskilling keeps you relevant and in demand, making you a valuable asset to any yacht. 
  • Expand skillset: Diversifying your skillset makes you more employable, versatile and adaptable to various roles and situations. This can also open new doors to opportunities you may not know existed in the industry. 
  • Boost job satisfaction: Learning new skills and achieving personal and professional goals can significantly enhance your job satisfaction, reigniting your passion for why you joined the industry. 
  • Career advancement: With an expanded skill set, you become a stronger candidate for moving up the ranks and taking on leadership roles. 

Ways to upskill

Independent education: Learn, read and stay curious! Research industry trends and listen to industry-specific podcasts and relevant books. 

Personal and professional development: To enhance your knowledge, consider courses, online courses, webinars, and workshops. At LH, we offer a range of hospitality and leadership programmes specific to yachting. We have also recently re-launched our LH Retreats for yachting professionals, our first one is this month – we will update you with the dates for the next one! 

Get certified: Explore opportunities to gain new certifications or tickets that are relevant to your role.

Top tips from our trainers: 

Our trainers have a wealth of information from their respective fields and specialities; we chat with a few of them to learn their top tips for upskilling this winter. 

When it comes to leadership, plenty of aspiring and current HODs onboard can complete one of our many leadership programmes. Our leadership specialist, Jereon Bosman, underscores the importance of becoming a purpose-driven leader: “Purpose-driven leaders constantly invest in their teams because they deeply believe they couldn’t work to accomplish their goals and mission without the success of every co-worker.” 

“Engage your team through personal and professional development opportunities; this communicates to your team they are critical assets,” he adds. To hear more from Jeroen about his new ways of thinking, leading by example and the potency of purposeful communication, tune into episode 3 of the Power of Purpose podcast

For those in front-facing service roles onboard, our hospitality specialist, Rob Rademaker, gives us his insights into the best ways to upskill. Rob is known for his expertise in crafting the best cocktails!

“There are so many ways to upskill, but education is really important; listen to our LH podcast, register for a new course and delve into inspiring books such as ‘Eat the Frog,’ by Brian Tracey,” he says. 

He also emphasises the importance of end-of-season reflection: “It is also good to find time to reflect to see where you can build in new hobbies and daily routines, such as meditation.”

“For those wanting to upskill in service, try making three variations on your favourite classic cocktail recipe; this will give you a more in-depth understanding of mixology. It is also helpful to visit fine dining restaurants and international cocktail bars to see the latest trends and services,” he explains. 

Renata Balla, another of LH’s hospitality experts, agrees with this point of researching trends: “Get ahead for the next season by researching the latest trends, especially for table setting – at the moment, it seems to be cleaner and simpler tablescapes are better.”

When it comes to housekeeping, Renata explains: “Crosstraining is really important, especially in the laundry; be sure to  learn the type of materials, delicate care and techniques for the next season.” 

She also highlights the increasing trend of becoming more eco-conscious within housekeeping practices: “You should study and implement cleaning procedures using fewer products, use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products that do not pollute the environment.”

Winter in Europe is the perfect time to invest in your personal and professional growth. By upskilling, you will not only boost your job satisfaction skillset but also become a stronger and more versatile candidate, opening yourself up to new roles for the next season. 

Get in touch with the LH team today to see how we can help you best upskill for the next yachting season! 

22 November 2023 our blog
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