Service Specialist foundation

Who is this course for?

This course will provide you and your team with the skills and knowledge for all the essential basics of service. It will teach how to feel calm and confident in service to maximise the guest experience through delivering 7-star service.

The Programme

The Luxury Hospitality Service Specialist course will be customised to your needs upon intake. It is a very hands-on practical training experience to engage the service mindset and increase confidence, finesse, and expertise in the different service style techniques. 

Our programme has been specially designed by professionals with vast experience in the luxury hospitality industry. The content is in-depth, and no questions will be left unanswered during these three days. 

The Service Specialist course stands out because our trainers have worked in and trained high-performing teams all over the globe. They will provide your service team with unrivaled expertise.


Please contact us if you would like to experience this customisable training onboard for your entire team.


Download the course specifications

Download course specifications: Service Specialist foundation