Shirley Janssen – Partnership development & Specialist trainer

Talent Dynamics profile: Dynamo/Blaze Energy – Star
Strengths of this profile: vibrant and inspiring, passionate
Challenge for this profile: can be overbearing and controversial

Motivating and connecting people, and creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences, is what drives Shirley. Thanks to her extensive experience in organising global corporate events, Shirley has worked in more than 45 countries. Her expertise in navigating so many different cultures, each with their unique standards, values and challenges, has led to Shirley becoming an extremely competent and experienced events leader. 

Shirley has worked alongside management teams for more than 20 years. During that time, she has created and delivered custom designed incentive journeys, meetings and leadership programs. These have focused specifically on areas such as leadership, teambuilding, communication and building strategy. 

Shirley has proven expertise in executing programs to grow organisational change management as a strategic business competency. Through engaging, interactive approaches and stimulating, creative learning experiences, she delivers excellent results with participants. 

As a trainer, Shirley has worked with teams, individuals and leaders on their transformations, both large and small. She believes that the most important element of any transformation is to use the skills within teams and to continuously improve the process. 

Shirley’s experience is backed by her degree from the University of Applied Sciences (Business Management) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her academic qualifications, extensive professional experience and understanding of what it takes to deliver premium hospitality services makes her the perfect person to lead Events for LH.

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