– Create highly effective teams with LH 360


Hospitality is all about the perfect guest experience.


Great hospitality
in 3 steps.


Creating Healthy and Effective Leadership Cultures


How to become effective in 3 steps

1. Create insight & awareness
We provide individual LH questionnaires and based on the outcomes we debrief and develop individual and team profiles to create the foundation.

2. Training and development
We create and implement a healthy and effective leadership culture by introducing a self-managing leadership training program for management and operational staff/crew including essential, professional and master levels. We run communication and teambuilding sessions for all the participants and ensure they are aware of their own strengths and challenges and the value they bring to the team. There is a strong focus on developing hospitality staff/crew through technical training of hospitality related matters.

3. Mentoring & coaching
We implement a culture of mentoring through professional coaching of the (middle) management to keep the inspiring work environment on track.