Masterclass: Champagne

Who is this course for?

For anyone involved in fine wine and drinks service with any level of experience and wish to know about champagne in detail and become confident in recommending and serving them.

Learning outcomes

  1. Champagne as a region, its unique conditions, subregions, and a brief history
  2. Champagne as a top sparkling wine: the grape varieties, special characters
  3. Classic styles and categories (eg. Non vintage-vintage, Blanc de Blancs etc)
  4. How to taste and describe champagne
  5. Understanding ’methode traditionelle’ and how champagne can be made
  6. How to professionally serve champagne (recommended type of glasses, ideal storage and service temperature, opening the bottle, etc)
  7. Champagne and food pairing based on the different categories, styles, and occasions


Please contact us if you would like to experience this customisable training onboard for your entire team.


Download the course specifications

Download course specifications: Masterclass Champagne