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Julia Frank – Leadership specialist

Talent Dynamics profile: Dynamo Energy – Creator 
Strengths of this profile: dynamic, big picture thinker
Challenge for this profile: impatient

Julia was born in Kazakhstan when it still belonged to the Soviet Union, but she moved to Germany with her family when she was 6 years old. Growing up in Hamburg, Germany, she started learning Spanish. Travelling, people and change has always been a passion, and this is why Julia decided to study psychology and become a transformational coach.
In 2012 Julia started to work for a Change Management consultancy in Hamburg, Germany. After 1,5 years she just finished university and moved to Brazil, where she stayed for 2 years working in the tourism sector and was responsible for HR (recruiting, training, coaching, people development). After that period, Julia moved back to Germany and 6 months later to Palma, where she still lives. Julia is part of the Leadership specialist team of LH and facilitates our leadership programmes and mentoring and coaching sessions.

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