Cigar Services

Build your expertise in handling cigars and choose the best brands for your guests.


Develop gatekeepers and build a Positive Workplace Culture.

We’ve trained more than 5000 individuals in motivational and practical luxury hospitality skills

We train 3 out of the top 5 largest yachts – 60%
We train 4 out of the top 10 largest yachts – 40%
We train 10 out of the top 20 largest yachts – 50%
We train 15 out of the top 50 largest yachts – 30%
We train 30 out of the top 100 largest yachts – 30%

All our training programs provide you and your team with the inspiration, motivation and skills required to be the absolute best. By building on relationships through teamwork and identifying personal responsibilities, participants learn how working together to streamline operations (both front and back of house), will improve service flow and ultimately improve guest experience.

We offer a range of onboard training programs, from leadership training and team-building sessions to interior courses including housekeeping and valet services. More importantly, all of our courses are fully customised to suit your needs.

Service Specialist

Engage your service mindset and increase your confidence, finesse and expertise in different service style techniques through this very hands-on and practical program. This course extends to the finer points of table setting, team building. SOP’s, cigar & caviar service, communications and so much more that defines service excellence.

Beverage Specialist

Our Beverage Specialist training is focused on providing you with as much practical exercises as possible. We feel that it is vital for you to learn about the technical service aspect and at the same time it is equally important to learn about the essence of “hospitality”. Understanding how a guest feels, whilst you provide service is essential. Our experienced trainers will develop you and your teams in wines, spirits, mixology and barista to provide an unrivaled and memorable experience for your guests.

Cigar Services

The Luxury Hospitality Cigar Service course is a very hands-on, practical training experience to engage the service mind-set and increase confidence, finesse and expertise in the way you handle cigars. 

Our program has specially been designed for staff members that work in luxury industry. The content is in depth and no questions will be left unanswered during the intensive training day.

Housekeeping & Valet

Our program has specially been designed for crew members that have been working on-board yachts. We focused on professional development, fine-tuning existing skills, increasing knowledge and engaging the service mind-set, whilst building on relationships. This course stands out because our trainers have worked on-board some of the largest and most unique yachts ever built in our industry, which will provide students with unmatched expertise at their very fingertips.

Food Safety

Food Safety is the responsibility of all crew on board. LH provide MLC compliant Level 2 food safety training. Alongside this, we provide internationally fully certificated advanced training for head chefs and interior heads of department to ensure a robust food safety management & vessel sanitation system onboard.

Duration level 2: one day
Duration level 3: three days

Deck teams service excellence

Guests expectations and service are the responsibility of all crew. This course is designed to provide confidence for deck crew to know that they are providing a seamless service for the guests. The course is very practical and will be bespoke to individual yachts and guests’ preferences.

Duration: 1 day

Gate Keeper

Life on board can often be hard and  it can also be a lonely place. LH offers an  internationally recognised course to develop crew to become gatekeepers. Preparing them to recognise warning signs that someone might be struggling mentally and may need professional help for their own wellbeing. This course provides practical tools and develops crew to have a supportive approach on board. 

Duration: 3 hours