The first step to creating high performance teamsLH Dynamics – a self discovery journey

What is LH Dynamics?

Most of us use only a fraction of our capabilities in our everyday lives, so just imagine what could be possible if we were to all reach our full potential.

Gaining these personal insights is where profiling tools come into play. LH Dynamics is created specifically for the Luxury Hospitality Industry from a unique collaboration with world-renowned futurist, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton. It allows you to discover and optimise your true talents.

Why use the LH Dynamics talent awareness tool?

With a deeper knowledge of self, your confidence and communication skills improve and your motivation increases. As well as gaining a deeper understanding of your inherent skills and talents, you will better understand the skills and talents of your team members, partners and clients.

This naturally improves your (leadership) skills and builds stronger, more effective and more cohesive relationships, which all contributes to developing a Positive Workplace Culture. 

How does it work?

The LH Dynamics talent awareness tool will help you recognise how you most naturally create value in your life. It will also show how you can grow that value by using certain processes and via your interactions with others. You will discover how your own natural path links directly to how you lead or follow, how you perform best in a team and how you can most effectively impact the organisation in which you work.

Who you truly are

Understanding who you are and how you naturally think, behave and communicate is key to understanding yourself. Recognising your natural talents, where your instinctive and learned behaviours lie as well as your challenges creates greater self-awareness. This helps you to develop more effective communication skills and grows your emotional intelligence, including a better understanding of others.

Five energies and eight LH Dynamics profiles


Big picture thinker – Creator – Innovative


Outgoing – Supportive – Bringing out the best in people


Reliable – Fair – Grounded


Orderly – System oriented – Observer


Motivating – Promoting – Presenting


Connecting people – Networking – Peacekeeping


Research – Calculation – Project management


Improvement – Problem solving – Perfecting