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Lord - The best analyst

Dominant Energy


Action Dynamic


Thinking Dynamic

Sensory / Intuitive


Cautious, organised, detailed, analytical of every situation, sees details that others miss, comfortable when every detail is addressed.


Often controlling, little patience for ‘small talk’, always worrying about detail, can often miss the ‘big picture’.


Focused on detail in the back end and freed from the front end, Lords rule. Once the systems are in place, Lords will make sure things run smoothly. Lords are behind every bank and big business, watching the numbers.


Lords like to control, which makes them good with numbers but not so good with people. They don’t have time for small talk and stories, but they are the ones to get down to the facts. Left to start things on their own, they are often at a loss.

The most challenging roles in teams

Creative design, creative writing, networking, negotiating, people-focused leadership, learning through debate and discussion, communicating through visuals or conversation.

The best roles in teams

Controller, treasurer, data management, score keeper, data-focused leadership, learning through measurement and calculation, communicating through data and reports.

The most challenging roles in life

People management, motivation, networking, negotiating, marketing, product development, performance, public speaking.

The best roles in life

Financial management, detailed operations, analyst, auditor, proof reading, measurement, jobs that require accuracy.