Happy and engaged crew stay onboard for longer

Written by: Lynne Edwards

Happier and more fulfilled crew reduces turnover and leads to greater overall performance onboard. We know this because of our experience working with crew and because the research backs it up.

According to a 2017 survey conducted by Impact Crew and ACREW, crew who experience low job satisfaction are likely to leave their job. In fact, 69% of all junior crew and 65% of all chefs leave during their first year of employment. When compared with employee retention within onshore industries, these figures are high as are the associated costs. 

To specifically address the crew retention issue and improve team performance, ACREW recently launched the superyacht industry’s first suite of tools focused on empowering individuals and teams, developing leadership and management skills and improving crew longevity. 

ACREW+ comprises a mix of digital tools and in-person training delivered by various ACREW partners, including Luxury Hospitality (LH). We were therefore thrilled to be part of ACREW’s first ever ‘Crew Spotlight’ event in Sint Maarten in December 2020 to introduce ACREW+ to the yachting world.

Captains and crew: the industry’s most valuable assets 

Both ACREW and Luxury Hospitality recognise that captains and crew are the yachting industry’s most valuable assets as they ultimately determine the quality of the owner and guest experience. This is why ACREW+ has been designed with them in mind. 

The LH Dynamics system in particular, which was presented to crew at the Sint Maarten event, forms the core of CrewTalent, one of four elements in the new suite of ACREW+ tools. 

CrewTalent consists of individual skills assessments, followed by an in depth debrief, designed to identify and help optimise each crew member’s inherent strengths and demonstrate to them how to work with their challenges. A detailed report is produced clearly outlining how the team can work cohesively, creating greater levels of acceptance, engagement, positivity and trust.  

The LH Dynamics system is also used in the second element of ACREW+, CrewMatch, to recruit the perfect candidate in accordance with the skills and talents required and the best personality fit for the existing team.  

The remaining two elements of ACREW+ are CrewSkills and FutureCrew. The first will allow vessels full and exclusive access to the first ever digital Training Record and GUEST Training Record Book, while the second will allow profiling of candidates via ACREW’s video database of candidates.

Introducing crew to personality profiling 

To experience a little of what ACREW+ has to offer, interior crew and chefs from each of the participating yachts at the Crew Spotlight event took part in a motivational session with LH Insight Specialist Lynne Edwards. 

The sessions were based on the principles of our LH Dynamics Personality Profiling and debrief system, which helped crew members to identify their individual values, strengths and challenges. It also showcased the team’s cohesive personality and high-functioning potential, which are essential to providing excellent service. 

As an added bonus, the sessions also led to each team showcasing their talents during the making of what will become a 5-minute promotional video for their respective yachts, highlighting what they can offer charter guests. Sessions were held with crew from MY Samadhi (61m Feadship), MY Starfire (54m Benetti), Lady Joy (48m Christensen), and MY Te Manu (49m Codecasa).  

In addition to Lynne’s motivational sessions in Sint Maarten, LH also delivered Speciality Service and Housekeeping training. At the same time, LH’s Cocktail Specialist Rob Rademaker held virtual mixology masterclasses to teach techniques for creating balance and synergy in expert cocktail making and service.

Reconnecting with crew despite ongoing challenges 

When asked about delivering her sessions, Lynne commented how fantastic it felt to meet with crew again, following strict health protocols of course. “It was wonderful to see crew and to feel the energy that comes from delivering in-person workshops,” said Lynne. 

“I also applaud the teams who, despite having spent long weeks in confinement, respected the rules of physical distancing and self-protection. I know they are all looking forward to the upcoming season and to welcoming their owners and guests back aboard.”

“It was also great to see the other ACREW+ partners in action, with Jon Lee of Sentini Marine running fun, interactive refresher classes in ISM and SOLAS for deck and engineering crew, as well as demonstrating the new digital versions of the deck and interior (GUEST) Training Record Books.”

Despite the many ongoing challenges due to restrictions, with some yachts in isolation and limited time available for those crew preparing for owner trips or charters, those who participated appeared to thoroughly enjoy what they learned from the visiting trainers.

“It was altogether an excellently organised event and it’s even more exciting that 75% of yachts to which it was presented have signed up for ACREW+”, said Lynne.

“We can’t wait to meet and work with crew of the yachts signed up to ACREW+, to assist them in becoming the best versions of themselves and building high-performing and happy teams.”

If you’re interested in knowing more about how you can improve crew retention and build high-performance teams head to –www.acrew.com/acrewplus/. Details for the next ‘Crew Spotlight’ event coming soon.

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