Jono Oswin – Leadership specialist

Talent Dynamics profile: Blaze Energy – Supporter 
Strengths of this profile: bringing out the best in people, passionate
Challenges for this profile: easily distracted

Jono has worked as a trainer and facilitator across the UK, Europe and the Middle East since 2006. He is passionate about transforming performance and has had great success in developing individuals and teams working in various industries.

Jono prides himself on his ability to connect with people in a way that makes his training sessions personal and highly relevant. His open and honest approach encourages dialogue and participation, leading to greater levels of engagement.

His approach is backed by 25 years of commercial experience, managing and leading his own teams, as well as his belief that it’s important to understand individuals at a deeper level in order to develop their skills and motivate them.

Jono’s expertise lies specifically in Management and Leadership Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Team Building and Sales Enablement. He also consults, designs and delivers a range of Personal Development programs. His professional accreditations include Roffey Park Facilitation Skills and Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits, and he is an NLP Practitioner.