Luxury Hospitality | Mirjam de Nes

Mirjam de Nes – Hospitality specialist

Talent Dynamics profile: Steel Energy – Lord 
Strengths of this profile: orderly, control
Challenges for this profile: perfectionism can cause anxiety and procrastination

Able to speak five languages, Mirjam has travelled to many parts of the world and gained notable experiences in business and project management along the way. While living and working in Shanghai, Mirjam established the first international daycare centre for children, and has since resided in Malta and the Netherlands.

While a portion of her career was dedicated to the childcare sector, Mirjam has extensive experience in management and HR, recruitment and training – the latter being for exclusive large private yachts and five-star hotels.

When she’s not staying active, running or playing tennis, Mirjam shares her knowledge in the hospitality field as a specialist hospitality trainer for Luxury Hospitality. Students who work with Mirjam will get to know more about excellence in service, housekeeping, and the importance of good communication.

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