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Helen Loveday – Leadership specialist

Talent Dynamics profile: Blaze Energy – Dealmaker
Strengths of this profile: connecting people, peacekeeping
Challenges for this profile: needs direction, quick to please

Through her own consulting and coaching business, The People Development Specialists, Helen has accrued over 25 years’ corporate experience as an executive coach and team facilitator. While living in the Middle East for 15 years, she coached executives within multinationals, government institutions and SMEs, and provided coaching, team facilitation and leadership development to organisations such as BP, Dyson, Etihad, PwC, Riyad Bank and Nestle. 

Thanks to her range of high-level qualifications, Helen draws on a range of psychological models to assist and train leaders. As LH students will find out, Helen is a trainer who takes a very tailored approach and likes to recognise unique personalities, experience and organisational cultures.

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