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Jeanette van ‘t Hart – Hospitality specialist

Talent Dynamics profile: Steel Energy – Lord 
Strengths of this profile: orderly, control
Challenges for this profile: perfectionisme can cause anxiety and procrastination

Jeannette’s hospitality career began leading renowned hotel front desks across Amsterdam, quickly progressing to senior management roles.

With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Jeannette has incredible insight and an eye for detail within the international hospitality industry. Throughout her work, she continually encourages and facilitates all staff she works with to create a positive team spirit.

Having stayed in over 700 hotels worldwide, she brings a wealth of expertise and experience as a service excellence consultant and trainer.

She has completed quality and training projects for an array of hotels within the Leading Hotels of the World group, including the Belmont Reid Palace in Funchal, Portugal and Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, as examples. While training staff, she also implemented the LQA standards of the group’s housekeeping departments.

Her consulting work includes quality evaluation of hotels and resorts in all their departments, such as housekeeping, F&B, and Leisure and Wellness.

We are delighted that she will bring her service-oriented and detailed knowledge of the hospitality sector to our team.

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