Insight + advanced interpersonal skills

Who is this course for?

The journey to working as an effective team starts with each individual understanding who they are and what they bring. During this interactive day we explore everyone’s talents, strengths and challenges with fun exercises and engaging activities. Your team will learn how to maximize their personal insights to add value to any team as well as learn how to recognise and  leverage the talents and strengths in others. We also explore and develop self awareness and the impact that each of us has on those around us. These workshops are great at bringing teams together, strengthening working relationships and improving team performance.

Learning outcomes


Individuals start to appreciate their worth and get a clearer understanding of their purpose


Learn to work together effectively and in harmony. This synergy creates a strong platform for further learning in all other areas of development. It will help every team member feel valued and focused by giving them a deeper understanding of each other.

The results can be transformative both individuals and teams.


€ 450,- per person (at one of our locations)

Please contact us if you would like to experience this training onboard for your entire team.


Download the course specifications

Download course specifications: Insight + advanced interpersonal skills