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Accumulator - The best ambassador

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Dominant Energy

Tempo / Steel

Action Dynamic


Thinking Dynamic



Reliable, careful, deliver on time, organised, looks for a time and place for everything, sees what can go wrong, keeps the team together.


Often finds it difficult to decide, easily distracted by detail, worried about getting things wrong, collects clutter, walks away from chaos.


When left to work at their own pace, Accumulators are the ‘tortoises who win the race’. They are slow to get started but pick up the pieces that others leave behind. They deliver results by putting in the leg work.


Accumulators will often wait for information or direction. Like a goalkeeper in a football game, they are the best defenders because they are so careful, but they don’t see the need to lead from the front.

The most challenging roles in teams

Creating change amongst chaos, creative design, creative writing, networking, people-focused leadership, learning through debate and discussion, communicating through visuals or conversation.

The best roles in teams

Keeping the project on time, keeping the team focused on detailed research, organisation, activity-focused leadership, learning through measurement and observation, communicating through data and reports.

The most challenging roles in life

Networking, negotiating, creative design, creative writing, strategic leadership, public speaking.

The best roles in life

Project management, scientific research, market research, calculation, organisation, time keeping, jobs that require accuracy.