Episode 9: Curiosity

Power Of PurposePOP podcast

with Julia Rogers and Meeli LepikEpisode 9: Curiosity

The Power of Purpose podcast is back!

And what an episode we’ve got for you, we’re excited to bring this conversation with Julia and Meeli Lepik.

Meeli has an extensive and varied career in yachting from stew to chief stew to purser and now consulting on yacht builds.

She’s certainly found her purpose and passion along the way.

We loved her take on purpose, how it’s helped her, how it’s changed and how she plans to use it for her future plans.

For anyone that’s struggling with purpose at the moment – this is the listen for you.

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POP Podcast | Luxury Hospitality
POP Podcast | Luxury Hospitality
13 July 2021 Podcasts SE1
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