Luxury Hospitality | Diana van Kamp-Wieland

Diana van Kamp-Wieland – Communications Manager

Talent Dynamics profile: Tempo Energy – Trader
Strengths of this profile: grounded and always clear in what is fair, takes time with people, often sees things others miss
Challenge for this profile: needs to see it to believe it

Diana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in hotel management and communications which stems from her graduation at hotel management school and subsequent communication studies. Her work in this sector has included reception roles for several hotels and 3+ years as communications project manager for one of Holland’s leading bungalow rental companies.

Diana has a keen eye for detail, which is why she has taken care of all communication-related projects for LH since 2016. Her understanding of the luxury industry and guest service standards means that every newsletter, brochure, webpage and creative delivered by LH is perfectly suited to the LH family.

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